Why wrestle Freestyle and Greco Roman?

These styles of wrestling strongly contribute and compliment the skills needed to succeed in Folkstyle. Iowa Head Assistant Coach and Olympic bronze medalist Terry Brands says “Freestyle wrestling really teaches the fundamentals of the sport, the more skills you master in any style of wrestling, the better wrestler you can become." American University Head Coach and NCAA Champion Teague Moore reiterate Brands’ sentiments saying “Folkstyle is the style that captures more media attention in our country, but moving forward, the champions of Folkstyle will be well versed in freestyle wrestling. Learn freestyle and you will learn the best fundamentals for Folkstyle.”

Training Philosophy

Our practices are intense and focus on technique developed through a system of teaching, drilling, correction and reinforcement. The RWC coaching staff is consistent with teaching and reinforcement. The same coaches will be at practice each week. To make sure recently taught techniques are not forgotten, they are drilled and constantly reinforced. We will treat our club as an “in-season team” preparing to compete not like an off-season camp!